Q5i - Professional Class D Amplifier
Q5i - Professional Class D Amplifier


Professional Class D Amplifier

The new developed Q series amplifier is the best power solution for professional sound system requiring maximum performance and portability. It is Beta Three evolutional integration of Class D amplification, switching power supply and DSP core in a rugged 2U chassis. With reliable extended power, light weight, smart signal display and advanced protection circuitry, Q series provides unmatched performance at real value. 


  • Housed in a rugged, all-steel 2U chassis.
  • Easy to configure in stereo / mono / bridge modes at the back
  • Switched mode power supply ensures an improved amplifier performance at high output levels
  • High efficient Class D amplification, low weight, low distortion and fast response.
  • Minimum load impedance (stereo / mono): 2Ω
  • Built-in DSP for the most flexible use in live sound or permanently installed sound
  • The simple front panel controls and a LCD screen give you all of your sound’s vital signs at a glance
  • Electronically balanced XLR inputs
  • Touch proof binding post and Speakon output
  • Variable fan speed is automatically adjusted by temperature with front to back air flow to keep amplifier cooling
  • Amplifier protection includes short circuit, overload, excessive temperature, DC on outputs


Rated Power (Stereo 8Ω)

2 x 850W
Rated Power (Stereo 4Ω)2 x 1550W
Rated Power (Stereo 2Ω)2 x 2500W
Rated Power (Bridge 8Ω)3000W
Rated Power (Bridge 4Ω)5000W
THD (@1kHz)<0.5%

IMD (@60Hz/7kHz 4:1)

Amplifier TypeClass D
S/N Ratio>100dB (1kHz, A weight)
Damping Factor>200:1 @ 8ohm/100Hz
Frequency Response20Hz - 20kHz (±0.5dB)
Input Sensitivity1Vrms
Crosstalk Attenuation (@1kHz)>55dB
CH Gain Difference (@1kHz)<0.25dB
Static Power Consumption45W ±10%
Input connector2 x XLR
Output Connector2 x XLR + 2 x NL4 + 2 x Binding post
Power SupplyAC 220-230V 50Hz/60Hz
Coolingairflow from front to back
Packing Dimension (W x D x H)580mm x 570mm x 150mm
Net Weight8.5kg
Gross Weight9.5kg

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