QS600 - 6'' Public Address Speaker

QS600T is a 6" 2-way full range speaker system with wide dispersion. Its sound is nature and clear while the cabinet is handy, compact and the appearance elegant and fashionable. It's applicable in small and medium performing stages, KTV, multi-function halls as sound monitoring and major and fill sound reinforcement. QS600T adopts two 3-inch new paper cone high frequency speakers which greatly enhance the performance and power loading capacity in the mid-high frequencies. The optimized 6-inch low frequency driver can realize highest clearance and lowest distortion in high sound pressure. The 12 dB attenuation slope cross frequency circuit enables smooth frequency response. And the full range circuit protecting system provides higher security. The cabinet is injection moulded with high intensity polypropylene. The delicate designed shape provides best structure strength and acoustic characteristics. The colors of grill and cabinet are available for customization. QS600T adopts multifunctional structure design. It's applicable both in mobile and stage performance. Our special designed accessories with the 3 x M8 hanging point can be used in various installation requirements easily and conveniently. 


  • Two new 3-inch paper cone mid-high frequency drivers.
  • 6-inch paper cone low frequency driver.
  • High intensity injection moulding cabinet.
  • Dispersion 140° x 160°
  • Frequency response 80 Hz-16k Hz (-3dB).
  • Sensitivity 88dB, Max SPL 120 dB.
  • 3 x M8 hang point.
  • Customizable grill and cabinet color.
  • Optional QS600T with built-in transformer allowing 70v/100v/120v voltage output and diredt 8Ω.


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