X10i - 10” Two-Way Full Range Speaker
X10i - 10” Two-Way Full Range Speaker


10” Two-Way Full Range Speaker

The Beta Three® X10i is a compact 2-way full range high performance loudspeaker for small venues, or for augmenting large venues. They are excellent for live, rental and portable sound reinforcement applications. The Xi Series delivers extraordinary performance at unmatched value. X10i also can be used with the X18Bi subwoofer to get a high quality full range system. 


  • Compact cabinet design
  • One 10” High Power LF transducer
  • 1×1.7” compression driver
  • 50°- 100°×60°coverage pattern
  • Cabinet design for FOH
  • Can be arrayed with other boxes
  • Suitable for use as a main system with or without sub speaker augmentation
  • Durable Polyurethane textured base paint
  • 2×NL4 connectors
  • Computer aided design to optimize frequency and phase response
  • Power coated grill
  • Arrays with any Beta Three® high powered subwoofer speaker
  • For optimum performance use with a Beta Three® a digital speaker
  • management processor


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