Two stadiums for the 12th National Game of China Choses Beta Three



May 2013, Dalian, China

In early 2012, Elder Audio won the bid for the sound reinforcement system of two stadiums used for modern Pentathlon(equestrian), 3000m cross-county race, shooting and baseball of the 12th National Game of China. The project estimated finish time was the end of May 2012.

One of the stadiums, located in Dalian New Trooper Base is a newly-built stadium for the 12th National Game of China. The stadium covers an area of 58,00sqm, including playing, training, performance, sightseeing areas, and auxiliary facilities like press centre, VIP rooms, command centre, journalist room etc. The stadium is designed with capacities for hosting international games. The site for baseball, located in Dalian University is another newly-built field for baseball games for the 12th National Games of China. It has the capacities of hosting international baseball games. After the event, it will be managed by Dalian University.

The sound reinforcement system of two stadiums was designed by Elder Audio. The multi-function system mainly focused on speech, commentary, broadcasting, and also meet the need of dynamic music reproduction. It allowed quick switch between different presets for different events. The sound for the audience area came from Beta Three waterproof line array TLA101 and Beta Three S12L long throw, high SPL output speakers. Beta Three multi-function MU series speakers were chosen for press centre, VIP rooms. The power came from Beta Three TA2 amps. The Beta Three TLA101 speakers for the audience area are IP46 rated, which makes sure the event runs even in the rain. After tuning, the sound dispersion was even in the audience area, no blind spot was allowed. The system could be configured, so each speaker group could be controlled individually.


Products employed:

Beta Three

line array system TLA101

Beta Three

Loundspeaker S12L

Beta Three

Amplifier TA2

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Products employed