Beta Three Used in Workers' Indoor Arena Sound Reinforcement System in Beijing



Oct 2007, Beijing, China

The Workers' Indoor Arena, also known as Beijing Workers' Gymnasium is an indoor arena located west of the Workers Stadium in Beijing, China. It was inaugurated in 1961 for the 26th World Table Tennis Championships.

It hosted the boxing events at the 2008 Summer Olympics and the Judo events at the 2008 Summer Paraolympics. It is one of 11 Beijing-based venues to be renovated and upgraded for the Olympics. The arena has a maximum seating capacity of 13,000.

Elder Audio won the bid for the upgrade of the sound reinforcement system project of the stadium in 2007. A project group was established in Elder Audio for better serving the project. The group faced many challenge on this project due to the restrictions of load bearing capacity of the venue. The group decided to use the newest coaxial speakers S series which is compact and with high SPL and sound quality for the main arena and grandstand sound reinforcement, while chosing line array speakers, TLA101 for the main PA system. Public broadcast system are Beta Three ceiling speakers BT Series and Beta Three U10V. Power comes from Beta Three UA amplifiers. Beta Three digital processors was used to optimize the sound as well.

In Oct 2007, the whole sound reinforcement systems passed all the acceptance criteria by the International Olympic Committee.

Products employed:

Beta Three line array system TLA101

Beta Three Loundspeaker  U10V/U8V

Beta Three Loundspeaker S Series

Beta Three PA Speaker BT Series

Beta Three Amplifier UA Series

Beta Three Digital Processor ΣC2600 

Beta Three Distribution Splitter DS1800

Beta Three Sequence Power PX128