B10 - Professional Cass H Power Amplifier


Professional Cass H Power Amplifier

The Beta Three® B Series professional amplifiers is new designed high-performance professional power amplifiers with low distortion high damping factor and smooth sound. 


  • Housed in a rugged,all-steel 2U chassis
  • Unique radiator sctructure for efficient cooling.
  • Designed for efficient with circuit protection to avoid the demage caused by the mistake operation.
  • Power input overvoltage, undervoltage, anti-surge protection and switching impact protection.
  • To avoid abnormal and failure of the PA system to cause damage to the speaker by DC output protection and high-frequency sustained energy limit
  • Over temperature protection automatically


Rated Power (Stereo 8Ω)

1350W ×2
Rated Power (Stereo 4Ω)2350W x2
Rated Power (Bridge 8Ω)4300W
Frequency Response20Hz-20kHz(<±0.25dB)
TypeClass H
Peak Output Voltage 155V
Maximum RMS Output Voltage108V
Input Sensitivity(32dB/x40, 8Ω) 2.5V RMS
Max Gain(0.775V)42dB
THD (@1kHz)<0.025%

IMD (@60Hz/7kHz 4:1)

Phase Response(@20Hz-20kHz) 15°
SNR(@1kHz, x40/32dB, A )≥110dB
Damping Factor(100Hz) >500:1(100Hz)
Conversion Rate15V/μs
Input Impedance >20kΩ


Separating Degree(1kHz) >75dB
Average Current Consumption 7A
Maxiumum Current Consumption 13A
Dimension (W x D x H)483mm x 452mm x 88mm
Gross Weight13.8kg

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