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Nice 1 - UHF wireless microphone
Nice 1 - UHF wireless microphone
Nice 1 - UHF wireless microphone
Nice 1 - UHF wireless microphone
Nice 1 - UHF wireless microphone
Nice 1 - UHF wireless microphone
Nice 1 - UHF wireless microphone

Nice 1

UHF wireless microphone


The UHF wireless microphone Nice series has 144 individual channels. The channels are divided into 12 groups, each with 12 different frequencies. The Nice series can work with 16 individual channels active at the same time. Using extremely performance antenna, the Nice 1 receiver allow getting a very wide radio cover. The internal display show different information’s such as: frequency, audio signal level, radio signal level, mute and battery level. The diversity circuit and the squelch control complete the high level functions and specification of the Nice series wireless microphone system. Nice 1 kit consists of: -- a Nice 1 receiver (with AC / DC adapter, 2 antennas and a 1.5 m cable with 1/4” jack plugs) -- a Nice 1 transmitter / handheld dynamic microphone



  • Industry leading circuit design and production to ensure reliable and stable products; 

  •  PLL dual channel PLL loop design, frequency offset can be corrected automatically; 

  •  Unique intelligent ID identification technology, more effective against interference; 

  •  Mixed digital and analog transmission, no audio transmission delay; 

  •  Microprocessor control, effectively avoiding receiving dead angle; 

  •  Maximum frequency point or multi module design, frequency point distribution can be set calmly; 

  •  Simple and stable infrared frequency matching design, easy frequency adjustment; 

  •  LCD or LED display screen, the working state of the equipment is clear at a glance; 

  •  With balanced and unbalanced audio output, it is convenient to connect various audio equipment; 

  •  The receiver displays the parameters of the transmitter to facilitate monitoring the working condition of the microphone; 

  •  Reasonable design of transmitter and microphone, beautiful, firm and durable; 

  •  Some handheld microphones have intelligent mute function, which can prevent whistling and popping;


Microphone specifications
Type:Handheld wireless microphone
Frequency Responce (-3dB):50Hz-16kHz
Signal / Noise ratio @1kHz (dB):>100dB
Total harmonic distortion @1 kHz (%):<1%
Banda:UHF, 650 MHz - 700 MHz
Operating voltage:12.00V ~ Hz

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