ΣH Series Wood Speaker

ΣH Series Wood Speaker

The Beta Three® ΣH series consists of a remarkably compact 3-way coaxial professional full-range sound reinforcement system and an 18” subwoofer delivering astonishing low-frequency performance. The ΣH series is suitable for various applications requiring optimal sound performance, especially ideal for music and vocal reproduction. The ΣH series loudspeaker’s performance is further enhanced when paired with the ΣC2600 processor.

ΣH215 - 15" Three Way Coaxial Speaker
ΣH215 - 15" Three Way Coaxial Speaker
ΣH215 - 15" Three Way Coaxial Speaker
ΣH215 - 15" Three Way Coaxial Speaker
ΣH215 - 15" Three Way Coaxial Speaker


15" Three Way Coaxial Speaker

The Beta Three® ΣH215 is a three way coaxial loudspeaker that can be used in applications including sound reinforcement for Houses of Worship, Events, Indoor Stadiums, Theme Parks, Multifunctional Auditoriums, Schools, and Transit Terminals etc. These are excellent for live, rental and portable sound reinforcement applications. The ΣH Series loudspeaker delivers extraordinary performance where high speech intelligibility and natural sounding music is required at unmatched value. 


  • 15” LF driver with 100mm voice coil
  • 220mm big magnet system which enables high power handling and reliability
  • 100mm mid range and 44mm HF coaxial driver design which obtain high SPL and big dynamic with RMS power 750W
  • High intensity plywood cabinet, LF extension horn design is to improve effective sensitivity
  • Coaxial mid-high and low driver horn is non-symmetrical which reduce the sound interference by symmetrical sound wave
  • Match with Beta Three ΣH118B bass speaker with ΣC2600 processor for high quality sound reproduction


Acoustical specifications
Frequency Response(-3db):
Max SPL @ 1m:
Dispersion (H x V):
40° x 100°
Compression driver:
1 x 44mm Coaxial Driver
1 x 100mm MF
1 x 15" LF
Input/Output section
Input Connectors:
2 x NL4
Sensitivity (1W @ 1m):
Power section
Total Power:
750W(RMS); 1500W(MUSIC); 3000W(PEAK);
Nominal Impedance (Ohm):
Physical specifications
Dimension (W x D x H):
550 x 704 x 680mm / (21.7 x 27.7 x 26.8in)
Package Dimensions (W x D x H):
780 x 824 x 660mm / (30.7 x 32.4 x 26in)
Net Weight:
49 kg / 108 lb
Gross Weight:
53 kg / 116.8 lb

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