TQ22 - Digital Live Sound Console
TQ22 - Digital Live Sound Console


Digital Live Sound Console

TQ series adopts the fourth generation of Dual DSP digital signal processor (SIMD core), accurate 450MHz / 40 bit floating-point mathematical operation, 24bit / 48Khz high-performance ADC / DAC. 114dB typ. Dynamic range. Pay attention to every detail of your voice and show rich voice connotation. 


With the dual digital signal processors(DSP) of the fourth generation(SIMD core), precise 450MHz/40bit floating-point mathematical operation, 24bit/48KHz high performance ADC/ DAC. 

 All Mic/Line input channels are configured with 48V Phantom power supply, Polarity switching ( Phase ), Noise gate (Gate ), Compressor ( Comp ), 4-band parametric frequency Equalizer ( PEQ )/including high shelf ölter( HSF ), low shelf filter( LSF ), high pass filter( HPF ), low pass filter( LPF ). 

 All output channels are configured with Delay, Compressor ( Comp ), graphic frequency Equalizer ( GEQ ), 4-band parametric frequency Equalizer ( PEQ ) /including high shelf filter ( HSF ),low shelf filter ( LSF ), high pass filter ( HPF ), low pass filter( LPF ). 

 Configuration 4 professional DSP effectors ( FX ), 6 effect types: Chorus, Echo, Flanger, Pitch-Shift, Reverb, ping-pong ( Stereo Delay ), totally over one hundred types of effect preset. 

 8~16 DCA volume groups and 8 MUTE groups that can be easily operated with one key. 

 The color 1.44-inch TFT navigation screen .

 Voltage range (85Vac~ 240Vac), 

TQ-22 mixer provides Wireless WiFi hot spot, the IOS device ( Apple iPad etc. ) can be wirelessly connected to the mixer for remote controlled operation.


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