DCM-2X - Digital Karaoke Pre-processor


Digital Karaoke Pre-processor

It is multi-channel Karaoke Pre-processor and can be matched with power amplifier. It can be used in Professional Karaoke, conference room, multi-function hall, Performance bar and home entertainment. Through digital processing on music and microphone signal, it provides flexible effect processing and output setting. It's very suitable for Karaoke,especially for KTV room. All of functions can be adjusted by panel control button and display in LCD. It also can be connected with PC with built-in control software through RS232. The special 8 output can be set up two groups: One is Left, Right stereo + Center + Bass + Aux1; the other is Stereo AUX2 (according to actual application, There isn't AUX1 and AUX2 output for some models, please take the actual product as standard). 


  • This equipment is adopted 48kHz sampling rate, 24 bits AD/DA conversion technology for distinguish rate, one 32bits floating-point DSP +one 72bits fixed-floating DSP for signal processing. 

  • Audio frequency consists of music input selection, vocal delete, mid-bass balance, tone change and volume control, tone, echo and mix effect of human voice, even for the noise gate, reverb effect of human voice according to actual application.

  • LCD displays the present effect mode, Feedback distory level, input channel and other information; 

  • Three MIC input socket and two group input gain Pot;

  • Twelve Keys and two main volume knob Remote control receiver

  • 2 stereo music input(RCA), 2way MIC(6.35), with left to right, center and bass output and AUX1, AUX2 output (There isn't AUX1and AUX2 output for some models, please take the actual product as standard).

  • The software can be compatible under Windows98 or advanced system, connecting with PC through RS232 connection can flexibly adjust the equipment and all of settings inside the equipment can be downloaded into computer.

  • All of input/output is adopted perfect RF and static protection circuit to make sure the equipment reliability, Also there are many recommended setting for your project installation on the basis of more than 10 years designing concept in Karaoke field, please visit our website to download.


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