Line Array Series

Line Array Series

The Beta Three® line array series is a series of outstanding rental and touring solutions for live entertainments, sports events, speech reinforcement, and other venues where a line array system is desired. The line array series contains various models consisting of active and passive models for horizontal and vertical deployment complemented by reliable flying equipment. Selected models are also available in the weatherproof version, making them ideally suited for any outdoor application requiring a line array system with state-of-the-art sound performance and optimal scalability.

TLA-121F - Dual 12" Two way Weatherproof Line Array Speaker


Dual 12" Two way Weatherproof Line Array Speaker

T-Line Weatherproof Line Array is composed by a dual 12" full range element TLA-121F and a suspend-able dual 15" subwoofer TLB-121F. Compact construction, light weight and quick installation makes the system most suitable for outdoor touring performance applications.

T-Line Weatherproof Line Array Speakers were designed in accordance with IP54 Standard, mainly be applicable for outdoor touring performance.

The adjacent speakers can achieve the seamless coupling and form the consistent cylindrical wave. The adjustable angle between two adjacent speakers is 0°-30°.

Magnetic circuit of LF is optimized through the finite element analysis to achieve the ultra-low distortion and maximum clarity under the high SPL. Overheated protection for drivers, perfect and reliable circuit protection.

TLA-121F adopts multifunctional structure design and Russian birch, weatherproof polyurethane painting provides super strong weather resistance.



  • Dual 3" Neo compression driver.
  • Dual 12" Neo woofer.
  • Long term continuous power: LF 500W, HF 100W.
  • Dispersion: Horizontal 110 , Vertical 0° x 30°
  • Frequency response: LF 90Hz-4kHz (-3dB), HF 900Hz-15kHz(-3dB)
  • Sensitivity: LF 102dB, HF 110dB.
  • Max SPL: LF 126dB/132dB(PEAK), HF 130dB/136dB(PEAK).
  • Overload protection is available.
  • Appropriate hanging frame with shackle for installation.


Acoustical specifications
Frequency Response(-3db):
LF: 50Hz-4kHz; HF: 900Hz-16kHz
Max SPL @ 1m:
LF: 126dB/132dB(PEAK); HF: 130dB/136dB(PEAK)
Dispersion (H x V):
110° x 0-30°
Compression driver:
2 x 3" Neo compression driver
2 x 12" Woofer
Input/Output section
Input Connectors:
2 x NL4 @ LF:1+ 2- HF: 3+ 4-
Sensitivity (1W @ 1m):
LF: 102dB; HF: 110dB
Processor section
Crossover frequencies:
Power section
Total Power:
LF: 500W, HF: 100W(RMS); LF: 1000W, HF: 200W(MUSIC); LF: 2000W, HF: 400W(PEAK);
Nominal Impedance (Ohm):
Physical specifications
Cabinet/Case Material:
Russian birch
Appropriate frame with 3/4"shackle
2 x Wooden handles
Weather resistant polyurethane finish, black powder coating for grille.
Dimension (W x D x H):
965 x 630 x 380mm / (38 x 24.8 x 15in)
Package Dimensions (W x D x H):
700 x 440 x 1080mm / (27.6 x 17.3 x 42.5in)
Net Weight:
41 kg / 90.4 lb
Gross Weight:
46.5 kg / 102.5 lb

TLA-121F Application

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