Line Array Series

Line Array Series

The Beta Three® line array series is a series of outstanding rental and touring solutions for live entertainments, sports events, speech reinforcement, and other venues where a line array system is desired. The line array series contains various models consisting of active and passive models for horizontal and vertical deployment complemented by reliable flying equipment. Selected models are also available in the weatherproof version, making them ideally suited for any outdoor application requiring a line array system with state-of-the-art sound performance and optimal scalability.

TLX214a + TLX118Ba - 14" Active Line Array System
TLX214a + TLX118Ba - 14" Active Line Array System
TLX214a + TLX118Ba - 14" Active Line Array System
TLX214a + TLX118Ba - 14" Active Line Array System
TLX214a + TLX118Ba - 14" Active Line Array System

TLX214a + TLX118Ba

14" Active Line Array System

The TLX214a is an active 2-way line array module for small & medium events of indoors and outdoors. Equipped with 1 x neodymium driver and 2 x75mm drivers, it offers excellent sound quality and high SPL. TLX214a is driven by an onboard amplifier with DSP which provides 4 presets for users to select according to different applications. The optimized construction and high efficiency transducers makes TLX214a a compact enclosure with max SPL 132dB. TLX214a offers practical horizontal of 120 degree and can be curved up from 0 to 10˚ for each element.TLX118Ba is an active 18'' subwoofer, ideally paired with TLX214a for bass reproduction. The 3-point rigging system offers easy and quick set-up and allows TLX214a and TLX118Ba to suspend in an array. The TLX214a/TLX118Ba cabinets are constructed of Russian birch plywood and coated with a durable polyster finish to ensure maximum acoustical and mechanical integrity. 


  • Cutting edge 14'' line array technology

  • Customized B&C high performance transducers

  • Customized waveguide

  • Switching mode technology grants reliability and robustness.

  • Built-in DSP with 4 presets

  • 3-point rigging system for quick set-up


Acoustical specifications
Frequency Response(-3db):
TLX214a: LF:45Hz-3kHz; HF: 500Hz-18kHz;TLX118Ba: 40Hz-200Hz
Max SPL @ 1m:
TLX214a: LF: 124dB/130dB(PEAK), HF: 126dB/132dB(PEAK); TLX118Ba: 124dB/130dB(PEAK)
Dispersion (H x V):
120° x 0-10°
Transducer Driver:
TLX214a: 2 x 3" HF + 1 x 14" LF;TLX118Ba: 1 x 18" LF
Input/Output section
Input Connectors:
TLX214a: 2 x XLR; TLX118Ba: 2 x XLR
Power section
Total Power:
TLX214a: 700W x 2; TLX118Ba: 1400W(RMS);
Voltage range:
AC 220V-240V~, 50/60Hz (or AC 110V-120V~, 50/60Hz)
Physical specifications
Dimension (W x D x H):
TLX214a: 660 x 489 x 440; TLX118Ba: 660 x 807 x 568; Frame: 660 x 829 x 110
Net Weight:
86.7 kg / 191.1 lb

TLX214a + TLX118Ba Application

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