Meline S2-III - Small PA speaker system

Meline S2-III is a performance sound reinforcement system designed for musicians, meeting room presentation, DJ's etc for an audience up to 300.The three piece system is designed for quick and easy setup with new click together interconnecting speakers. The amplifier module is housed within the subwoofer. This bi-amp module includes DSP to enable superior performance. 


  • Compact and portable design
  • System is 1.8M high to deliver full, natural sound
  • 2x8" woofer speakers 12x2.75" midrange and 2x25mm Silk dome tweeter
  • vertical column speakers to ensure smooth sound coverage
  • Class D module for subwoofer and CLASS AB module for full-range
  • Bi-amp module including DSP
  • Exclusive LOCK together connections, no cables required
  • Handle on back of subwoofer
  • Specialized carry bag for ease of transportation - optional
  • Built-in Mp3 player
  • Bluetooth connection available
  • IR remote control in front and rear of S2-III
  • System height up to 2.32m with an EXT(empty cabinet, optional)


Meline S2-III Application

Meline S2-III Installation

Meline S2-III Parts

Meline S2-III Cases

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