ΣS Series Wood Speaker

ΣS Series Wood Speaker

The Beta Three® ΣS series is a series of compact professional speakers perfectly suited for various portable and installed applications. It is incredibly lightweight and compact, easy to set up and operate, and complemented by its distinct feature of being used as a PA system or a stage monitor. The ΣS series is specially designed for applications including Houses of Worship, banquet halls, nightclubs, ballrooms, and many other venues demanding extraordinary acoustic performance.

ΣS215a - 15" Two Way Full Range Active Speaker
ΣS215a - 15" Two Way Full Range Active Speaker


15" Two Way Full Range Active Speaker

Portable and Installed PA loudspeakers used in applications including sound reinforcement and stage monitoring in Houses of Worship, Events, Clubs,Rehearsal Halls, Ballrooms. Σ Series delivers extraordinary performance at unmatched value. 


  • High SPL and sensitivity
  • 1 x 15” high power low frequency transducer
  • 1 x 3” titanium diaphragm compression driver
  • Built-in power amplifier module
  • Master volume control
  • XLR input and output connectors
  • 120Hz low cut switch
  • 80º x 50º controlled coverage pattern
  • Computer aided design to optimise frequency and phase response
  • Multi purpose cabinet design for FOH or monitor use
  • Suitable for use as a main system with or without sub speaker augmentation
  • Integral 35mm pole mount receptacle for stand or vertical installation
  • Mounting points for permanent installation (wall, ceiling, under balcony)
  • Combine with any ΣB or ΣJ Series high power sub speaker for extended low frequency, high quality music reproduction
  • Powder coated grill
  • Durable Polyurethane textured base paint
  • 2 x XLR connectors


Acoustical specifications
Frequency Response(-3db):
Max SPL @ 1m:
Dispersion (H x V):
80° x 50°
Compression driver:
1 x 3" HF Compression Driver
1 x 15" LF
Input/Output section
Input signal:
Balanced 20kΩ, Unbalanced 10kΩ
Input Connectors:
Power section
Total Power:
100W HF, 300W LF(RMS);
Voltage range:
AC 220V-240V~, 50/60Hz (or AC 110V-120V~, 50/60Hz)
Physical specifications
Dimension (W x D x H):
458 x 542 x 747mm / (18 x 21.3 x 29.4in)
Package Dimensions (W x D x H):
652 x 568 x 865mm / (25.7 x 22.4 x 34.1in)
Net Weight:
37 kg / 81.6 lb
Gross Weight:
42 kg / 92.6 lb

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