AK400 - Stereo Mixing Karaoke Amplifier



  • Full range audio amplifier, suit for karaoke and conference sound reinforcement.
  • Inhibiting whistle strongly.
  • Multi-mode singing style.
  • Special design for KTV room, high reliability.
  • Able to connect two group speakers simultaneously.
  • Special drive design of human voice to make voice rich and nature
  • strong cooling fan makes sure long-term working.
  • Four audio input, 4 video input, 3 mic input.
  • 1 audio output, 1 video ouput,  L/R outputs
  • Music volume control, effect control
  • Mic general volume, build-in mic tone control and mic volume control.
  • Mic echo feedback degree control
  • Build in music key changer function
  • A screen displying key changing and signal state
  • A hand-held remote controller


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