VK8302 - Karaoke Amplifier
VK8302 - Karaoke Amplifier


Karaoke Amplifier



  • This is a Karaoke amplifier with excellent performance and multi-functions.
  • Three Channel or two channel power output. Offer record output, line output, pre-output, bass output, middle channel output and line output.
  • Three-way input for audio and video. sound resource is switchable in both automatically and manually.
  • Five microphones input in 2 groups. The volume of each group can be adjusted separately, and each group provides +/- 12dB adjustment for treble, mediant, and bass.
  • Music channel provides +/- 12dB adjustment for treble, and bass.
  • Build in mic general volume, mic effect volume and music volume control knob.
  • Build in music key changer function, S terminal control function.
  • Build in L/R output, middle output volume control function.
  • Sub channel has 80-250Hz adjustment function.
  • Background Music(BGM) channel is in first priority, and it's available to adjust the input signal sensitivity.


Rated Power (RMS)

300W x 2(1kHz,8Ω)
THD (@1kHz)0.02% (20Hz-20kHz,8Ω)
Frequency Response(-3dB20Hz-20kHz±1dB
Input Sensitivity/Impedance

MIC: 20mV/2kΩ

Line: 200mV/10kΩ

Pitch Control

Music: LF(100Hz) ±12dB

          HF(10KHz) ±12dB

MIC: LF(100Hz) ±12dB

        MF(1kHz) ±12dB

        HF(10kHz) ±12dB

Effect Type


Output Impedance4-16Ω
Recommendatory Impedance
Power Supply220V,50Hz
Power Consumption<1250W
Static Power Consumption35W
Net Weight (1 pc)13kg
Gross Weight (1 pc)14.5kg
Dimension(W×D×H)561 x 454 x 226 (mm)

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