UA Series Class H Amplifier

UA Series Class H Amplifier

The Beta Three® UA series is a series of 2U professional amplifier engineered and manufactured to offer superior performance and professional operating features with road-tested reliability. With the pioneering technology, the UA series is perfectly suited for various installed and touring applications.

UA2500 - Stereo Amplifier


Stereo Amplifier

The Beta Three® UA 2500 2U professional amplifers have been engineered with special circuit for reliability where full power is required for extended times in fixed installations or portable applications. The UA Series delivers extraordinary performance. 


  • Housed in a rugged,all-steel 2U chasis
  • Volume controled individual for each channel.
  • The power can be reached 3600W when bridge output is 8Ω
  • Available for parallel input
  • Available for voltage limitation function
  • Low frenqucy cut-off can be selected according to different load
  • Perfect protection function. Automatic identification of 2Ω load and adjust
  • related parameters to ensure stable and reliable of amplier.


Rated Power (Stereo 8Ω)

2 x 1250W
Rated Power (Stereo 4Ω)2 x 2000W
Rated Power (Bridge 16Ω)2400W
Rated Power (Bridge 8Ω)3600W
THD (@1kHz)<0.05% (10%Rated power)
IMD(10% Rated Power 60Hz/7kHz)<0.1%(60Hz/7kHz,10%Rated power)
Phase-shift Characteristic<±15°
Amplifier TypeClass H
S/N Ratio>108dB
Total Gain39+0.5dB
Channel Gain difference<0.25dB
Damping Factor>800 @ 8ohm/100Hz
Seperation Degree>75dB
Frequency Response (+0/-0.25dB)20Hz-20kHz
Input Sensitivity1V
Input Impedance20kΩ Balanced, 10kΩ Unbalanced
Conversion Rate>100V/μs
Input connector2 x XLR, 2 x 6.5mm TRS
Output Connector2 x NL4 + 4 x Binding post
Power Supply220V-230V 50/60Hz, 1800VA
Cooling4 x fans, airflow from front to back
Dimensions (W x D x H)483mm x 452mm x 88mm
Packing Dimension (W x D x H)550mm x 540mm x 175mm
Net Weight30kg
Gross Weight32kg

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