Beta Three perfectly showcases Vitas's Dolphing Vocal Sound



(June 2007, Chongqing, China)


Vitas, the called the Dolphin Sound Prince, hosted his Asia touring concert in People's Great Hall of Chongqing, China in 19th June. Vitas's performance brought an entirely new audio feast to the V fans in Chongqing city.

The sound provider of the concert is Chongqing Hongrui Audio Company, the general distributor of Beta Three in Chongqing area, who took care of the installation, tuning and mixing of the sound system.

The audio equipment chosen for the concert was Beta Three. The Beta Three line array system TLA121 was used for main PA system, while the Beta Three pro monitor X212M and speakers of ΣS series were used for stage monitors. The power came from Beta Three's newly 4-ch XA4 amplifiers.

"This is not my first time to use the Beta Three audio. I saw it often in Russia as well. The system has nice tone, especially the HF, it fits my voice," says Vitas after the concert.



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