Chinese Culture Center in Bangkok Opts for Beta Three



September 2012, Bangkok Tailand

The Chinese Culture Center in Bangkok is located on Wenhua Road, Hui Huang District, Bangkok. On its right side lies the Thai National Culture Center, and the Thai Culture and Arts Exchange Center is located opposite. It is the first of its kind established by China in Southeast Asia.

The center covers a total area of 8,222 square meters and a building area of 7,900 square meters. It is the largest cultural center built overseas by China. It is equipped with 20 multi-function rooms of various sizes, a small theater, a library, and several training rooms for Chinese music, dance, and painting and calligraphy workshops, providing multifaceted services such as information and teachers so that Thai people can understand and learn more about Chinese culture.

The original PA system design was made by Thai National Academy of Design. Recommended by China Ministry of Culture, Elder Audio manufacturer was to support the project.

On August 2, 2012, representatives from Chinese Ministry of culture, China Entertainment Technology Association, China Construction Group, Elder Audio arrived in Bangkok and worked on the project.In regards to the sound enforcement system, several meetings were held to discuss on the design. After two days, all the participants unanimously agree to use the solution submitted by Elder Audio.

Given its diversified purpose of the venue, the system should be installed to meet the needs of each of the different rooms, while being easy to use and maintain by the users. 

The compact line array from Beta Three R4/R8 was installed in the 20 multi-function rooms. Various numbers of R4/R8 were installed in rooms of different size.

Beta Three A/V PA series CS-1 was applied in the small theatre which sits 317 people. The 300sqm dancing room was equipped with 4 groups of CS-1 in Hi-Fi mode so as to reproduce the. For other training rooms, a vocal mode is available. CS-1 system is flexible and easy to use.

The Prime Minister of Thailand Mrs Yingluck Shinawatra and The Premier of the State Council of the People's Republic of China Mr Wen JiaBao made speeches on the China Cultural Centre opening ceremony day. Beta Three was acknowledged at the ceremony.

Products employed:

Beta Three Small Line Array R4/R8

Beta Three AV System CS-1

Beta Three Speaker X12i

Beta Three Speaker MU Series

Beta Three Cinema Speaker CSR208A 

Beta Three Speaker ΣB118D

Beta Three Stereo Amplifier UA Series

Beta Three Equalizer EQ2231 

Beta Three Digital Speaker Controller EC2600U

Beta Three Power Sequencer PX128