Kande International Hotel Dongguan Installs Beta Three Karaoke Speakers



May 2013, Dongguan, China

Kande International Hotel Dongguan is a five star luxury business hotel with floor area 53,000 ㎡, building area 217,500 ㎡, 39 floors and 428 guestrooms. With its excellent location, high-end commercial and office buildings, the characteristic building is renowned as "The Gate of Dongguan".

The Tang Club of the hotel is rare but the most luxurious KTV chamber blended with European royal and noble elements. Beta Three was a carefully selection for its sound system. Finally, 2 sets of line array R6/R12 for the fascinating musical palace, 179 Beta Three HiFi series speakers wereinstalled in the KTV chambers. All the power came from 44 x R series amplifiers and 30 UA series amplifiers. 84 processor, 37 DCM Karaoke effect processor and 37 pairs of Karaoke GM-1000 microphones were used as well.

Products employed:

Beta Three line array system R6/R12

Beta Three Speaker HF series

Beta Three Amp R Series

Beta Three Amp UA Series

Beta Three Karaoke effect processor DCM Series

Beta Three Karaoke mic GM-1000

Products employed