Our Beta Three Company policy is to pay close attention to all of our existing, and prospective customer needs; by providing the best before, during, and after sales service possible. Beta Three has a professional team of customer service and technical support engineers whose main purpose is to provide support for all our customers service requirements in a timely manner.


Before Sales

Service - Before Sales


  • Carefully research global product requirements to meet our customers needs
  • Design and manufacture products to suit our global customers needs
  • Build a working relationship with our customers to help us better understand their business and product requirements
  • Support our customers by providing specific project designs with new and innovative ideas
  • Support project negotiations when requested with technical information and project and product design


    During Sales

    Service - During Sales


  • Deliver all product orders on or before the agreed delivery time. Offer in-depth training on all products, their applications and any service requirements
  • Offer full sales, engineering and technical support for our products including installation and maintenance
  • Problem-solve any product related issues with a quick response


    After Sales

    Service - After Sales


  • Maintain appropriate customer records
  • Routinely follow-up and meet any further customer requests for product related assistance
  • Follow-up any compliments or complaints from our customers in a timely manner
  • Maintain an up-to-date informative website to provide our customers with quality product information